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Maxine Montenegro

Good day!

This is Maxine Montenegro from the Philippines.

I am a Program Researcher from GMA Network, a Philippine broadcasting company.
Our documentary program I-Witness is currently producing a documentary about imortality.
One of the elements in our documentary includes the mystic healers of Siquijor. I would like to ask for permission to insert the pictures in your blog as support in our documentary.

I-Witness airs int he Philipipnes every Monday, 11:30pm and also in different countries in different time slots.
This episode will air locally on May 17, 2010.

I sincerely hope for your positive response.
Thank you very much!


Maxine Montenegro


Wow, amazing! Eerie but amazing ;-)


This is how local believes blend with the main stream religions. Your findings illustrate them very well. Thank you.


Great piece of information Sidney :) The ritual is very interesting.


I keep getting educated on this culture. It is as if you have opened a curtain for us.
Thank you


sumpah means curse in malay language too...


i'm really learning a lot from your blog :)


Wow! You were in San Antonio on Black Saturday? Cool!


i missed this part when i went there. i hope to have love potion then. lols. great captures again sidney.


Interesting, a very different culture to what I am used to over here.

luna miranda

i'm amazed that these healers allowed an "outsider" to observe and take photos of their cookout.:D perhaps it was you who cast a spell on them!


Images toujours superbes, Sidney !
I went diving to Siquijor...Great island, I loved it but I did not tour as you did (I stayed with fishes and corals)...So, I'm happy to learn more here. Thanks !
Back from Samal, I'm on my way back to Europe.
Reserve last saturday of April next year for the Caracoles Festival of Samal ! It's worth it ! Too bad, I have no picture !

donG hO

i wonder if sumpa really works though i've met some people having to have used that.


Holy smokes! Where have you been? I often worry about getting sick when visiting these places because of the unsafe water supply.


I' thaught it's just only a hearsay I heard these before from my cebuana freind. thanks for sharing


I never heard of this...seems to be a lot of magic going around on the net these days :-) I am surprised you were able to photograpgh this, didnt they object??


A fascinating procedure and ritual that you are able to photograph. Your personality and approach must inspire confidence and trust. The wonderful series with such intimate insight continues...

haggis basher

I envy how you get around the Philippines and manage to get access to places like this. Great images as always, always learning something new here.


thank you for sharing this ritual.

it's totally new for me!
I found it very interesting!


What a colorful bunch of ingredients. Nice capture.

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